Clearwater BC Chamber of Commerce

Token for a Tooney

Clearwater’s 1989 & 1990 Trade Dollars


By Anne Krawec

In 1988, Jim London, Chamber President, said we should have some “Clearwater Bucks”. So, being a money and coin collector, I volunteered for the project. I researched having paper money printed by the B C Lottery Commission. When it became evident that the printing of paper money was not a good idea, I then pursued the venture to make coins or tokens to be used as legal currency within the Chamber area. I eventually found the Sherrit-Gordon Mint in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.

The first Trade Dollar or Token was issued by the Clearwater & District Chamber of Commerce in the spring of 1989. It is made of Nickel Bonded Steel, size 32 mm.

One side has an image of “Jerry, the Moose” for Wells Gray Park 50th Anniversary and the other has a high-lited North American Moose in the centre, plus “Gateway to Wells Gray Park”. “Jerry” was a real moose raised at the Park Ranger Station at the entrance to Wells Gray Park.

ALSO, In 1990 Clearwater celebrated its 65th Anniversary as a post office called “Clearwater Station.” To commerate this occasion a token was also minted. This coin depicts Raft Peak; on the slopes are trees, a person skiing, and a man fishing near a river. So, with next year being Clearwater’s 90th Anniversary, we the chamber are promoting this occasion early by selling off our supply of these tokens also.

These Trade Dollars were used as legal currency in our area. Most businesses and the banks accepted the Token as real currency.

NOW, 25 years later, and with Wells Gray Park’s 75th Anniversary nearing, the Chamber will be selling off our supply of these non-redeemable tokens as a way of making money for Chamber highway signs.

If any business wishes to market these shiny uncirculated coins as tourist memorabilia or gifts, please contact the Chamber Office at OR phone 250-674-3530 to find out more information