Wadlegger Logging and its associated companies are based at Clearwater, in the North Thompson region of the British Columbia Interior.

Clearwater is a small town and that suits the Wadlegger clan just fine. It helps reinforce the positive sense of community with the 40 or so people employed by the Wadleggers in their mill and bush operations. “We’ve been very fortunate with having a very good work force here to help us do what we do,” Wadlegger says.

And what they do is just a little bit different. Consider the small sawmill and planer, for example. Wadlegger Specialty Forest Products, a division of Wadlegger Logging, has found its niche cutting Douglas fir timbers. “Every size, for every customer,” says Wadlegger.

Finding the niche, spotting the opportunity, harkens back to 1965 when the brothers’ parents, Joe and Hazel Wadlegger, first came to the Clearwater area. It didn’t take long for Joe to identify a demand for railway ties and he started up a small sawmill to produce them.

Fast track 40 years, and filling customers’ needs remains the priority. A recent example filled by the Wadleggers was cutting Douglas fir timbers to exacting specifications for use as lock gates in Ontario. That’s the kind of order that keeps the mill humming.

Wadlegger Logging Specialize in custom cut timbers, sawmill services, and specialty wood products.

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