Oct 21, 2023

Business Excellence Awards 2023- And the winner is…

2023.10.21 – The 2023 Business Excellence Awards Night took place last night at the Ski Hill. It was well received with about 120 people in attendance. Here are the winners for all 11 categories. Drum roll, please…

All nomination blurbs were submitted by the public and were not modified by the Chamber of Commerce.

Winner in the category Entrepreneur & Innovation, Old Town Gift Shoppe! Here is what the nominator sent in:

“The development of this store and concept has been a game changer to the Clearwater community. The store has given retail presence to several home based businesses. The business model is truly centered on community economic development and her consignment options are beneficial to all. The owner can see trends, is responsive to community and never misses a beat to think about how to slowly and consistently grow the business. The store is always changing which makes it interesting and she finds room to house product that shines in small spaces. When you go into Old Town, it feels like a whole new world that is vibrant and interesting. She takes “shop local” to a whole new level and is constantly innovating for the future.”

Chrystal Augustine accepting the award for Old Town Gift Shoppe owner Alana Menzel from Chamber of Commerce Director Lorne Selbee

Next up; category Farmgate/ Agriculture. – Winner: Two Crows Farm

“Two Crows Farm has been a vendor at the Clearwater Farmer’s Market for 2 years. They have really stepped up to the plate and offer outstanding fresh produce, eggs, beef, lamb and flowers. They work incredibly hard to make their farm ecologically responsible and have quality product. Their booth always looks attractive and inviting. When faced with roadblocks, they plow in and get it done and they have a great sense of humor.”

“Two Crows farm has been a staple at the farmers markets by providing fresh veggies and meat all summer long! They have added such a positive contribution to our community!

If you have never tasted the mixed salad from Two Crows Farm, you are missing out! And it’s not just their lettuce selection, it’s all of their produce. Their website says it all: ‘Nestled in the North Thompson Valley of British Columbia, is Two Crows Farm; a mixed-use farm, offering locally produced meat, vegetables and seasonal flowers to the municipality of Clearwater and surrounding areas. Our mission is to produce high-quality products, following regenerative management principles. As business owners, we believe we have the responsibility to grow premium food for our community, while being stewards of the land we farm.‘ They do what they say. While being great agricultural stewards, they are also savvy business people. They have great branding and are always innovating. A flower stand? How fun is that!!!”

Two Crows Farm owner Jay Krickan (on the left) accepting the award from Chamber of Commerce Director Darren Dunbar.

Winner in the category HospitalityHop n Hog.

“Great concept and execution, excellent service, amazing atmosphere, a fun place to meet your friends.”

Winner in the category TourismInterior Whitewater Expeditions.

“IWE is a foundational business to Clearwater’s tourism industry. They are leaders in marketing, they employ wonderful, talented, friendly people from all over the world and they show guests how to have a good time, Clearwater style. Doug Trotter built a reputation for safety and professionalism and Ken & Travis I’m glad to say have taken the ball and run with it. I’m very excited for this next chapter for Clearwater’s original rafting operator and Ken & Travis deserved to be recognized for their hard work, dedication and for investing in Clearwater for the long term.”

Winner in the category Retailer Excellence Pharmasave.

“Everyone at Clearwater Pharmasave is amazing, they always go above and beyond to take care of their customers. With our town growing they are busier than ever, but they do it with a smile on their faces and helpful advice. I would mention their names but I am afraid I might miss somebody and like I said they are all amazing.”

Winner in the category New Business; The Rising Star – Maveric Northcott, Wells Gray Outfitters

“Maveric is a bright young guy that has fully invested in Clearwater. His business offers a wide range of products for outdoors and sport enthusiasts and stays on top of the current trends and demands of the season. It’s great to see fresh energy of this kind in town.”

“Maveric has taken the availability of sports to a whole different level for Clearwater. WGO has been such a positive addition to the community! Rising star! Lots of positive feedback from community members about this store!!”

“Maveric opened his store in spring 2023. He has consistently demonstrated proactive customer service. His online ordering website is fantastic. He is willing to place special orders and even offers a gear swap for families and youth. He is dedicated to the community and has taken the time to get to know many of the youth in town by their name. I loved that he hung the front page photo of the U18 hockey team in his store when they won the Provincial banner. It was such a lovely gesture that showed that he “sees” his customers as the people he wants to serve and celebrate. Maveric also volunteered to coach a youth ball team and doesn’t have any kids. His store is beautifully laid out and he continues to widen his service offerings and has even ventured into renting gear.”

Award presented to business owner Maveric Northcott by sponsor Dr. Kara Perdue

Winner in the Trades and Services Excellence category – Dr. Kara Perdue

“Dr. Perdue has gone above and beyond. Her thoughtful and measured responses during COVID were calming for the community. It was rough and it was hard and yet, she stood shoulder to shoulder with her colleagues. Additionally, she works at the TRFO Clinic (maternity clinic for the Thompson Region) which is a clinic that serves expectant mothers from the North Thompson. The TRFO almost closed this summer but Dr. Perdue continued to do double duty in Clearwater at her practice, in the ER in Clearwater and at the TRFO clinic. She is professional, measured and welcoming to all. She extends to her patients and is committed to community health. Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time to attend community events, frequents the Farmers Market and youth activities. She serves with 110% dedication and does so with commitment and care.”

Business owners Jennifer & Lorne Selbee presented the award to Dr. Kara Perdue

Winner in the category Business LeadersWells Gray Home Hardware

“Lorne and Jennifer Selbee have vision. It would have been easy to just keep one store in Clearwater but they saw the opportunity for expansion and have rolled up their sleeves, set the alarm for before dawn and worked tirelessly seven days a week. They have been strategic in their planning and while they don’t demonstrate “balance” in their own life, they do support their staff right down to Jennifer being overheard saying to staff member “leave now before it gets dark and text me when you get there”. They continue to engage the community in new ways to shop at Home Hardware (butter tarts! AH-mazing!) and they are forward thinking in their efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. While they have two locations, the community is excited to see what’s next for the new location. No matter what, Jennifer and Lorne persevere and find ways to overcome challenge. They are also to be commended for their corporate citizenship. Clearwater Youth Soccer is a big deal in town and one of their many sponsorship moments is sponsoring all the tournament uniforms and shirts. They give where they live and the seeds of innovation blossom.”

Award presented to Jennifer & Lorne Selbee by Chamber of Commerce Treasurer Clyde MacLennan

Winner in the category Large Business of the YearBorrow Enterprises

“Doug has been a long standing business in Clearwater starting with a piece of equipment and himself. Through diversifying his business he has grown to employ up to 100 people providing civil construction related services throughout the North Thompson. He is now the operator for the Thompson Valley solid waste management facilities including contracting within the forest industry. When asked, Borrow Enterprises always digs into their pocket to lend a hand to the community.”

“Borrow Enterprise is a huge asset to the community of Clearwater. Including sponsorships, Employment Opportunities for many residents. Honest, reliable and consistent work.”

Award presented to Adam Borrow by Chamber of Commerce board member Clyde MacLennan

Winner in the category Small Business of the YearDouble R Pizza

“Craig and Angela never cease to amaze! They are hardworking and very dedicated. They have been in business for over 25 years and can always be relied on for their service and consistency. They have a lovely staff that shares their values and you can feel the sense of team when you are in the shop. It’s been a crazy few years but they are steadfast in their service. They do what they do well, they promote themselves widely and always find ways to give back to the community. They take care of their team and should be immensely proud of their business success. 25 years is not an easy milestone and yet, they show no signs of slowing down and just keep focusing on their strengths and of course, their service and quality.”

Winner in the category Citizen of the Year Linda Selbee, Pearl Broswick & Linda Selbee

“The dynamic duo! Is there anything that they can’t do? Together they have been instrumental in modernizing the local foodbank and created systems that ensure sustainability. They have developed local partnerships in the business community, written a million grants and have been wise in the stewardship of funds and savvy with expenditures. Investing in freezers, renovations to service options and more. Nothing is wasted and every dollar stretched twice is what they are able to do. In their spare time, they seem to make it effortless to be project managers for the Evergreen Acres expansion projects. Having proven themselves as skilled and resourceful, they have ensured Evergreen Acres is a brand that the government can be confident to continue investing in. With one stage of the development, Linda and Pearl knew that car ports were important and advocated for this investment. It was costly but with their keen eye on the bottom line, they showed how it could work. Their sensible approach, wisdom in planning for the future has given citizens beautiful homes in Clearwater. What they give in volunteer time has immeasurable value to the community. The criteria for Citizen of the Year is for 100 hours donated to the community. I think that between them, they give 100 hours a week and because of them, Clearwater and valley is for the better.”

From left to right: Gold sponsor Melissa Hole, Citizen of the Year Pearl Broswick, Chamber of Commerce Vice President Chrystal Augustine, Citizen of the Year Linda Selbee and Chamber of Commerce President Leslie Groulx
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